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The former Mayor’s house at 21 Rue des Halles, opposite the Council House of the mediaeval oyster harbour village of Mornac sur Seudre, was designed for the then Mayor Rouffineau by the architect Jean Buneau of the nearby fashionable seaside resort of Royan.

The architecture of this grand Charentais townhouse stands out in sharp contrast to the picturesque style of the originally Celtic fisherman’s village of Mornac and is more reminiscent of 19th century Paris.

The ‘Pierre de Taille’ (carved stone) building has a certain elegance with a dash of ‘shabby chic’, an ambiance which the present owners take pride in preserving.

The Courtyard

At the rear of the house is a charming walled courtyard where, weather permitting, a copious breakfast is served at under a large parasol. This same location is a lovely setting for pre-dinner cocktails.

There is a small swimming pool discreetly positioned in the corner of the courtyard for a refreshing dip whenever desired.

The Pool

The pretty tea garden can be found across the pathway at the rear of the house where the classical garden furniture invites one to relax and enjoy afternoon tea.

The Tea Garden

On the odd occasion when the weather prevents ‘alfresco’ breakfast, the stylish Salle à Manger provides a cosy alternative. It is furnished with a hint of the style Monsieur Rouffineau had intended.

The Dining Room

The well-stocked bookshelves offer an extensive selection of reading and information material in various languages. La Bibliothèque can also be used for card evenings or playing board games.

The Library